The practice of medicine is teamwork of allied professions like physicians, pharmacists and nurses. Pharmacist occupies the central place indicating their role as interface between physicians, nurses and patients.


7th ACPI Cartoon Competition

Awareness of HIV/AIDS program in the community (1st August – 30th September 2013)

Past Events
Seminar on Yettinahole Project at MCOPS, manipal 0n 18/03/2014, by Prof Shanbhag at 4.30 PM .


Results of Annual Cartoon competion Announced - 2012-13


There is always a felt need of relevant information regarding diseases, drugs, mode of administration, drug interactions and quality use of medicines due to apathy the infrastructure to cater the need of this vital issue has been ignored in our country.
It has resulted in confusion, fear, and lack of transparency, irrational use of drugs in our ACPI. The drugs being double-edged swords need to be handled carefully to impart best of modern medicine to the suffering patients.It is the responsibility of pharmacy profession to establish norms and standards of pharmacy practice, and to provide with appropriate knowledge to the patients so that they become intelligent users of drugs.
It is call to all like-minded pharmacists registered pharmacists of this country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to educate patients when they actually need education and information.


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