Rules & Regulations

1. Eligibility and conditions:

All the registered pharmacists of the country are eligible to become members of the association. The D.Pharm holder can organize camps of patient counseling and act as facilitators where as graduate pharmacist will act as counselors. The counseling sessions should be reported to the head office by email every week. After facilitating 25 sessions, the diploma holder are eligible to become counselors after undergoing an orientation program.

The local branches of ACPI are encouraged to facilitate and monitor patient counseling. The funds are collected from the membership, 40% is for maintenance of activity of local branch, and the 60 % of the funds collected should be sent to the treasure APCI by DD payable at State Bank of India Manipal.


The account settlement in the responsibility of the local branch, who should submit the original documentary duly signed by general secretary of local branches on or before the last day of Feb. every year, this would facilitate the activity of the amount branch before 31st of march every year, the receipt book and other necessary stationary can be obtained from the PRO by request.

The members of the association should declare their willingness to voluntarily agree to counsel patients and share the experiences of pharmacy practice to develop profession.
The Association of community pharmacists will be registered as a non-profit organization with social cause to establish pharmacy practice in community pharmacy setup.



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